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    The statement According to customer reflect more recent equipment factory to borrow seiko brand sales,Setting machine specially by chuck is given priority to,This reminder in the vast number of users friends need to purchase a setting machine chuck users should contact seiko co., LTD
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    Ziyang eed industrial automation equipment co., LTD., factory building and office building construction project completion environmental protection acceptance of the public according to the state environmental protection administration to the first13Number《Measures for the management of construction project completion environmental protection acceptance
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    2013Years6Month7Day-6Month9Day,By luzhou wall association、Assisted in sichuan province, sichuan from seiko machinery co., LTD luzhou wall materials association council meeting;In the nanyuan hotel while luzhou is held ceremoniously;State building
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    Automated accounting brick,Is benefit to the science and technology,Although to automation standard construction brick factory,Early will increase investment,But in order to achieve lower total costs,Mainly from a large number of reducing labor costs。Accounting brick
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    Introduction of hammer crusher and purposes:Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of medium hardness and brittleness material,Being broken material for coal、Cement、Gypsum、Alum、Brick、Watts、Limestone, etc,Its material compressive strength
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    Artificial setting are greatly influenced by environmental factors,Setting the workers in the process of setting the pressure of billet、Mode and the position of the pallet is impossible to completely consistent,Has a serious impact on quality of setting;In addition,Billet
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    Ziyang city seiko machinery co., LTD
        Is located in ziyang city seiko machinery co., LTD“Western horsemen、Energy saving、Green from ziyang”Industry concentration development area south of the city of zhejiang and guangdong energy-saving industrial park,The company was founded in1991Years,The registered capital1000Ten thousand yuan,The company covers an area of60m;Has a standard factory building area23000Square meters,The existing staff300More than one,Total assets of the enterprise6000Ten thousand yuan;Annual output value1.3One hundred million yuan。
        Scope of business:Intelligent control system research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Technical consultation,Mechanical equipment and spare parts sales。Have all kinds of general machine tools、CNC machine tools;The nc boring machine;Gear processing equipment;Nc flame cutting machine and gas shielded welding, etc. The main production equipment150余台/Sets,The complete test、Test equipment and instrumentation。
        Is the national building materials machinery standardization committee-nanyang cognizance of wall materials machinery fixed-point production enterprise,Production of vacuum extruderJKB4aa000JKB60By the national building materials standard council review identified as standard product,In recent years, the company can provide users with from4aa00070A full set of mat production line、Pneumatic automatic setting machine、Automatic coal feeder、Automatic cutter、Automatic cutting machine and other automation equipment。
        Brick and tile equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Is a Chinese wall materials well-known enterprise,National building materials machinery products the production of fixed-point enterprise,Sichuan province association of wall materials、Machinery industry association director unit,China building materials involved in establishing national standards unit,Based on research and development、Production、Energy efficient and environmentally friendly automatic brick machinery series products for the main business of high-tech enterprises,The company scale and market share first ranked among the top in the southwest,Comprehensive strength in the domestic same industry precedent。
        Companies adhere to in recent years“Science and technology innovation、Leading technology”The development of ideas,Actively introduce talents of science and technology,Have a college degree in science and technology personnel36People,Participate in scientific research project research and development of science and technology personnel12People,With“Southwest university of science and technology”And“The university of Southampton”Agreed“Production、To learn、Research”Cooperation agreement,The firm has a strong research and development strength,It happened***************************The invention patent2Items、The patent for utility model38Items、Patent of appearance design1Items。
        With the company“Southwest university of science and technology”Cooperative research and development success“Compact and efficient pneumatic automatic setting unit” Through the identification of scientific and technological achievements in sichuan province,The project obtains the national ministry of science and technology、The environment ministry、The ministry of commerce、Issued by the aqsiq《The national key new product certificate》;Department of sichuan province、The departments listed《Major science and technology achievement transformation project in sichuan province demonstration project》;And gains:Won third prize of scientific and technological progress of sichuan province、Ziyang city scientific and technological progress second prize、Sichuan province,Be considered2014The annual first sets of major technical equipment products in sichuan province。Year after year was rated as ziyang city good faith tax payment enterprise,Keep the contract heavy credit enterprise,QiaoShu enterprises,2013Company was rated as wild goose jiang district tax ten strong enterprise and won the ziyang city government quality management award, etc。
        Stick to it“Science and technology innovation,The customer is supreme”And the concept of customer satisfaction as the company's eternal pursuit。Quality achievements brand,Science and technology leading the future,Service to occupy the market,Company solemn promise to fully protect the interests of customers!We would like to work with sincere cooperation from all walks of life,Sharing technology and brand effect,To promote China's brick industry technology progress and realize automation industry、Clean the transformation and upgrading。