Jiaozuo macro industrial co., LTD. Is the collection development、Development、Production as one of the high-tech new modern production entity。 Companies operating projects include the development of the hydraulic brake、Development and production.Non-ferrous metal.The casting.Processing、Pig iron、Resistance to build Material.And so on。The main products of the company“Electric hydraulic block brakeEdSeries driver、Driver die-casting aluminum series Listed products”The specification is complete.The high quality,Widely in the industry to win the new and old customers love.Trust and high praise。This for many years Factory with excellent technical process、Leading technology level.Form a complete set of advanced production equipment complete production line.In order toISO9000 Quality management system standard.The establishment of a perfect quality management system.Continuous stable production of qualified products,With all my heart Serves the masses of old and new users。  The geographical position is superior,Jiaozuo is located in China excellent tourism city,On the brink of the mother river of the Yellow River.In the north said ehud Shapiro .........

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