Set research and development、Manufacturing various types of filter、The filter bag、Industrial filtration system device、Mechanical processing、Non-standard product design and manufacturing is a body comprehensive enterprise。
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  Xinxiang in the filtering technology co., LTD. Is China aviation industry group sia a career in industrial filtration purification engineering and technical personnel and workers in the market2011Years7Month founded jointly。Giving full play to the advantages of military industry technology company,Carry forward the good faith、Professional dedication、Innovation、Beyond the spirit of aviation industry。The company has professional high-quality engineering and technical personnel,Skilled technical staff,The modernization of production equipment,Detection means complete。Our purpose:“To the society to provide quality products,For the players to create a happy life”。In the filter to“Huizhong benevolence of tzu chi,Organizing a mob to force of benevolence,As the kernel of may”The broad mind,Wide yangjae,The benefit of human as its own duty。Is dedicated to the great cause of filtered human production environment protection。In order to take“Team do、Do the products、Enterprise”For the purpose,Adhering to the unremitting efforts,Business is practical,Rigorous,And efficient work attitude。In line with the work,People-oriented,Take the market as the guidance,With plastic image。To do“The filter model of industry”For the direction of the team work。
  Company business scope:Filter filter、Purification equipment、Vibration equipment、Chemical machinery、Environmental protection equipment、Other non-standard products manufacturing、Sales;Packaging materials sales、Filtering technology services、Engaged in goods and technology import and export business。
  Products in the market areas:The oil、Chemical industry、Coal chemical industry、Electric power、Paper making、Iron and steel、Railway、Smelting and other industries,Welcome domestic and foreign merchants、In the colleague friend cooperation、Win-win development!
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